Geek for hire. Also speaks human.

I'm currently employed as tech director at Centropa. This means I'm only able to carry one extra web development project at a time. If you want that to be your website, please get in touch.

Hi, I'm Peter.
I build custom-made websites with a framework called Drupal*, and I do other things online, too.

Drupal is a great tool to build websites, from simple to very complicated. The websites of BBC Good Food, Oxford University, JYSK, Sevilla FC, Lush Cosmetics or the 16th District of Budapest are just some examples. Can you guess which of these was made by me?)

I can turn your idea/plan/design into proper website. I've been doing that for more than 15 years. 
See my work.

I'm also a business process guy, a startup guy, an online marketing guy, and in general, a guy who understands how things work. (Well, at least online.)

If you have a project for me, it would start like this:

  • You have to get in touch and tell me what you need
  • I'll ask a lot of questions and usually give lots of free advice right away
  • We'll talk through your business goals & plans
  • I'll think of ways how you can do your business better (might be annoying)
  • I prepare a work proposal for you, or at least recommend someone to work with

Sounds OK?
Send me a short message.