Some of the websites I built. screenshot

In a recent project undertaken by Paprikasoft, the website of the Balaton Boat Company (Bahart) got an overhaul.

The initial version was a Drupal 8 website with that somehow didn't utilize key Drupal features like language management, media handling, responsive images and breakpoints, etc. It also included a great amount of custom code  for features that Drupal already handles well and the frontend also wasn't developed along current best practices.

Key points:

  • New frontend theme based on the design of Gábor Dávid @ Paprikasoft
  • Complete overhaul of content management features, resulting in flexible page building options and a much more enjoyable content editing experience for the client
  • Rewrite of the search functionality to use Drupal's theme language (Twig) properly
  • Rewrite of the administration features that internal staff uses
  • Greatly improved page load times
  • Accessibility improvements

Leo Bistro & Leo Rooftop

Leo Budapest

Right next to the Chain Bridge in Budapest there are 2 classy restaurants inside Hotel Clark. Leo Bistro is on the ground floor while Leo Rooftop is - where you think it would be.

Ildi Tőke at Foxy Communication hired me to turn Anna Csuthy's amazing design into a website that's just as classy.

Special stuff:

  • Photo galleries on venue pages are grabbed from the respective restaurant's instagram automatically
  • Bilingual and ready to be translated into more languages without any further development
  • Cool SVG image effects to distinguish the 2 restaurants on the building's image
  • Custom look for the embedded Google Map
  • Mailchimp-connected newsletter subscription form

Vállalkozás Okosan


Vállalkozás Okosan is a well-known adviser of small businesses in Hungary.

Their old Drupal 7 website was migrated to Drupal 9 and updated to a brand new look.

The switch from the old site to the new one was done with zero downtime. redesign screenshot

The website of the 16th district of Budapest was originally made with Drupal version 7.

The time has come to upgrade Drupal to version 8 and make a new design for the website.

We migrated several thousand pages of content to the new version.


Website for Marcell Badits, collector of Hungarian movie posters.

Design by Norbert Tóth.


  • Bilingual, multi-currency shop
  • Poster listings by all possible properties (year, actor, etc.)
  • Import functionality from spreadsheet


Drupal Commerce website for a Hungarian company that makes unique 3D-printed cookie cutters from your photos.

Design by Ábris Gryllus.


  • Multi-currency
  • Automatic reminders for abandoned orders
  • Proofing system where customers can approve the cutter designs with a single click
  • Complete back-office order management system